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Working with Alutech has many advantages:

Experience - As a major player in the field of automation since 1995, Alutech has established an outstanding reputation as the leading service provider for a broad range of industries.

All Inclusive Perspective - Alutech offers a wide range of services from SCADA, PLC and database programming, to top of the line, SCADA and ICS Cyber Security.

Alutech is a one stop shop for these specialist services and your single point of contact for the very best in advanced technologies and innovations.

Customized Solutions - Alutech’s customizes software and hardware to each client’s specific needs by programming a new system, or retrofitting a legacy system; our engineers provide the best solution for your needs.

Cost Effectiveness - We are thorough, work fast and we have finely honed integration and conversion skills. Alutech solutions are cost effective.

Lasting Partnerships - Quality is important and Alutech customers keep coming back.

Exclusive Products - Alutech markets and installs products supplied by the biggest names in the business and makes sure that you can stay ahead of competition and increase revenues.

Consulting, Support and Maintenance - Alutech provides consulting, support and maintenance services, ensuring that all systems operate continuously and effectively and potential hazards are addressed before they occur.

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