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Industrial Protocol Conversions
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Industrial Protocol Conversions

One of the more difficult challenges faced by production floor managers is the organization and regulation of the flow of data between hardware from different manufacturers, through different communications protocols.

Converting industrial protocols improves interaction on the factory floor, prolongs the lifespan of the control system and saves the client money.

Industrial protocol conversion is most effective when:  

Merging Industrial Protocols and Interfaces

Alutech merges older or distinctive industrial protocols into a single, unified platform, which speeds up data flow and cooperation between all the different types of hardware.

When necessary, new modules are written to convert existing interfaces and complete the merging process.  

Most importantly, Alutech develops multi-protocol interfaces, which provide the client with new, more effective options and opportunities.


Development is based on our specialized knowledge and experience in this field. Alutech converts industrial protocols and interfaces and develops the unique protocols needed to enhance the operation of existing systems.