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SCADA Cyber Security Laboratories by ALUTECH

3 July, 2013 Implementation of three more laboratory systems - These systems are unique platforms, simulating a range of standard and critical situations during data transfer using industrial protocols.

ALUTECH Annual fun day! We in Jerusalem!

12 June, 2013 The entire Alutech workforce enjoyed the traditional, annual fun day.

ALUTECH Industrial Control Systems - SCADA Project

5 June, 2013 A major water treatment and purification company selects Alutech to supply the control system ...

ALUTECH supplies bar-code system for metal company.

1 June, 2013 Alutech is develop and supplies a unique iron ingot bar-code reader system for a leading metal company.

ATP (Achilles Test Platform) Services for Government Company by ALUTECH - Global Contract is signed now!

9 May, 2013 Alutech has signed an agreement with a Government Company for the supply of Achilles services for the company’s critical networks.

ALUTECH Secure & Encrypted USB portable media for Critical Infrastructures in Israel.

15 April, 2013 Alutech has begun supplying secure, encrypted media to companies involved in critical infrastructures in Israel. Testing proved that Alutech provides the most effective solutions for protection against cyber-attacks and industrial spying by hostile elements.

ALUTECH Industrial Control System for Chemicals Industry

10 March, 2013 A leading company in the chemicals industry - Execution of an Alutech control array for a Wet Bench system.

ALUTECH Industrial Control Systems Signs Distribution Agreements with iStorage

7 March, 2013 ALUTECH is now the distributor of iStorage products in Israel. iStorage is the source for the world's most secure portable data storage devices and the only such devices certified at FIPS 140-2, Level 3.

SCADA Cyber Security Laboratory for PREVISION

3 March, 2013 PREVISION, an international provider of leading-edge, SCADA Cyber Security & IT consultancy solutions has selected ALUTECH Industrial Control Systems as the supplier of its new SCADA Cyber Security Laboratory for Industrial Protocols.

New Control System Project for Extraction Facility, Jojoba Israel

30 January, 2013 After in-depth inspection of multiple suppliers, Alutech was chosen by the company’s management to upgrade and replace the Electrical and Control Systems in the extraction facility located at Kibbutz Hazerim.

New Control Project: Upgrading Electric Systems in Barzilai Hospital

1 January, 2013 Alutech was chose to monitor and Control System and integrate the database in an HMI system.