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Company Profile

Alutech was founded by Kibbutz Alumim in 1995.

In the fields of ICS & SCADA, Alutech’s proven experience, expertise and unique innovation capabilities position the Company as a leader in the Israeli marketplace.  

Alutech is ISO 9001:2008 certified and complies with stringent standards.


Alutech operates both in Israel and abroad. The experience gained in a very broad range of projects has established Alutech as the reliable choice with a proven record, working with companies such as Intel, GE Water, Micron, and VaporJet.

Alutech provides a comprehensive array of services and solutions for companies in all industrial fields: Heavy industry, petrochemicals, refineries, chemicals, machine building, nonwoven fabrics, critical infrastructures – the list is varied and long.  

The Team

Alutech takes pride in the unique way that its team works together to integrate the expertise and knowledge required to provide the best solution for each client’s specific needs.


Alutech’s success is based on deep, personal commitment to our clients’ success. 

Alutech provides full, transparent service throughout every stage in the project – from the initial study until project completion. Ongoing support and maintenance services ensure clients’ full satisfaction.